Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canada Housing Sales Decrease, Values Increase?

2008 Housing Sales...

The number of homes sold in 2008 in Canada is expected to total 440,000, a 15 per cent decrease from the previous year, ReMax said in its sales forecast Wednesday. The report also reported housing values will rise in the following regions: Regina (39 per cent) Saskatoon (24 per cent) Winnipeg (22 per cent)St. John's (21 per cent) Saint John (19.5 per cent) Sudbury (14 per cent) Montreal (12 per cent). Housing values are expected to ring in at around $300,000, a three per cent decline from 2007, the forecast said. Sales in 2009 are anticipated to mirror 2008 levels, with average prices dropping to $293,000.

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