Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jarislowsky on Potash Ash and Housing Bubble

Kill BHP bid for PotashCorp
One of the biggest shareholders of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan has called for Ottawa to reject BHP Billiton's $38.6-billion US takeover offer for the Saskatoon-based fertilizer giant..."Whether it's Australia, Russia, China, Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, nobody except a few fools. And we have fools from sea to shining sea."

Housing Bubble
Stephen Jarislowsky, chairman of Montreal-based investment adviser Jarislowsky Fraser Ltd., said he is “convinced” there’s a bubble in Canada’s housing market, fueled by government measures that encouraged consumers to take on debt. “They have basically encouraged people to buy houses based on cheap mortgages,” Jarislowsky, 84, said in a telephone interview from Montreal. “That has created the opposite effect of what was desirable.

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