Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Government Intervention Needed In Canadian Real Estate

Is Government Intervention Needed To Stop The Rise In Canadian House Prices?
High housing prices across the country have some wondering if government intervention is needed to make owning a house a realistic goal for the average Canadian family. A BMO Capital Markets report, released Tuesday, suggests that while a real estate market correction is imminent, low interest rates, and levels of immigration and foreign investment have buoyed home prices to historic heights when compared to family incomes. "At 5.1-times median family income, housing is by no means cheap, costing an extra two years of gross income compared with 2001, when the boom began and valuations were closer to historic norms," noted the report. In Vancouver, Canada's most expensive city, the average-priced home is now an astounding 11.2 times family income, more than double the decade earlier ratio and the current national figure. "Riding a wave of wealthy immigrants, Vancouver's house prices have nearly tripled in the past decade, spiralling beyond the reach of most first time buyers or non-lottery winners," the report stated.

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